LC2-002 Sweet Moon- Natural Coconut Wax Candle

LC2-002 Sweet Moon- Natural Coconut Wax Candle

Lovanli Candles

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Lovanli candles are made with love.  Their purpose is to give out positive energy and a beautiful aroma!

-Infused with crystals, flowers & herbs
-Lead free cotton wicks
-Phalates and parabens free
-Coconut wax
-8 oz, burns approximately 40 hours

Sweet Moon
Selenite & Amythest
(Intuition & Mental clarity)

Sweet Moon candles are embedded with cornflowers which embodies a sense of modesty.  It's veiled with kisses of super activating selenite crystals. It serves to heighten your intuition and activating spiritual awareness. While amethyst promotes mental clarity that allows to enhance decision making abilities to promote truth and honesty in your relationships.