Svetlana Ponkin/ Svetlana's Creations

My love for knitting and crocheting started as a child, when my Babyshka (Granny) taught me.

I love natural fibers, hence I chose merino wool. It's sustainable, biodegradable, eco friendly, moisture wicking and has many healing properties. This wool is luxurious, super soft and not itchy like regular wool can be because merino wool grows in long strands and it's the undercoat.

I import the wool from Europe and there are lots of colours to choose from. My hand knit and crocheted creations are made one at a time in my home studio in Orangeville. 

 I've now also branched out and sew one-shoulder shawls and kimonos. 

I make them in light-weight fabric for the spring and summer and then heavier ones for the fall and winter. They're very versatile and can easily be dressed-up or down :)


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