Stump & Stone

Meet Tracy, the creator and business owner of Stump & Stone.

Stump & Stone was born from my passion for creativity and enjoyment of working with nature’s gifts. 

Having grown up in the backwoods of northern Ontario then later living in western Canada for some time, I’ve always been immersed in nature and developed a deep connection with all its many forms.

I’ve worked in different professional environments, but what I find most intriguing is my workshop!  Using reclaimed wood and off-cuts, I create stylish and functional pieces that bring enjoyment to you but will ultimately make its way back to the soil.

Sunshine & sunsets, music that moves me, nature’s uniqueness and resilience all combine to set the tone for my work. 

Exploring new spots and collecting quirky bits of rocks and twisted wood along the way - these are the things that excite and inspire me! 

And given a choice, I’ll always take the back road….

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