Nine Magpies Creations

Alina Lloyd is the artist behind Nine Magpies Creations. She is a painter, a maker and a lover of nature. It is that love that is reflected in all of her creations. She was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and since childhood was always making beautiful things. Although her career took her away from art until 5 years ago, she continued to make art. She has had a number of art shows in prominent venues such as Joseph Sheppard Federal Building in Toronto, Nuit Blanche and here, at Alton Mills, amongst others.

Alina started to make jewelry about 7 years ago. She was an avid bead collector and found the jewelry making both challenging and meditative. She became interested in Polymer clay as an extension to her art practice and finds the limitless possibilities with this medium exciting.

Nine Magpies Creations is a design company specializing in uniquely handcrafted items inspired by Nature. Each piece is carefully and individually made in the studio using new, found and vintage pieces as well as components made with polymer clay. Polymer clay is a modern material, used in a number of art projects. Art and designs made of polymer clay are becoming more and more popular and can now be found in major art museums. The jewelry is designed to be one of a kind, unique, like you.

The jewelry collections are named after a magpie. Magpies are curious birds, smart and tricky. They love to collect shiny objects and bring them to their nests. When you see nine magpies, it signifies that love is coming your way. This is the way the artist would like you to feel when wearing these pieces.


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