Lazy Daisy Vintage Linen

We believe that every piece of linen has a story, and that every story is special and should be cherished.

We seek to find the highest quality antique and vintage linen and cotton pieces to share with you, and hope that you will cherish them as much as the family before you.

Although we strive to bring you pieces that are of the highest quality, it must be noted that these pieces are decades old and will carry on them their own history. This means that some pieces may show their age and use, as slight color "imperfections" or small hand mending (these pieces come from a time when fabric was slow and expensive to produce).

We believe that these "imperfections" show that these linens have been used, loved, cared for, and treasured, and that these slight imperfections are an expression of each unique piece's story of their journey through time to you.

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