Josephine Condotta

“Art has always been about discourse to me.
It’s never been about how pretty I could make a painting.
It’s always been about what it says, the questions it asks — that it can MOVE people in the very spot they stand.” 

The global pandemic waved through our individual worlds, and as a visual artist, I felt it accelerated my process of understanding inner growth. Through my art practice I desire to convey new tones of emotions that are due to be explored, certainly provoked by the contemporary times, as I continue to seek out, what it looks like to feel emotion.

My art work subjects are matters that I spend close time with, endeavouring into a full-blown discovery period, feeding my senses with artistic films and song lists, some news, and aligned novels in an effort to refine my process.  It allows my research to envelop my mind and trigger my heart, uncovering how sometimes when we seek out all that is new, we find it can intertwine with parts of a lived experience or two!

With brushstrokes that dethrone towering old feelings now somehow better known, it’s alchemy at play, when my colour palettes fall into place and mixed mediums make it into the fold, as if they already know their place. The transmutation that occurs in my studio space where my paintings come alive, allow profound feelings to set in, serving as a segue for the contemplation that will arrive!

In recent times, without a doubt, I have paused and noticed the new roots that have grown around me.  I have felt the new truths sprouting up with-in me, and as I embark toward more explorations into the contemporary subjects my art practice will study, I do declare with all the care and concern I can muster, that I hope you will find in my art subjects a deep wonder, an inherent thunder and an aesthetic appeal that will showcase powerfully in any special space you want to encase with real feels.

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