Gosia Eco Designs

Gosia Eco Designs - Natural. Sustainable. Handmade.

Gosia Eco Designs was started as a passion project by artist and owner Margaret Marcy. After working more than 30 years in the fashion industry Margaret made the decision to leave her thriving career behind and instead create fashion for the sheer joy of creation rather than profits.

“I’ve always loved both fashion and nature. It hurt me knowing that traditional fashion industry practices actually harm our earth. We use harmful chemicals, employ people in horrible conditions, and make cuts in any way we can just to increase bottom line profits. Sadly these practices were not changing, but rather becoming worse. So instead of contributing to this at my previous job, I quit and decided to do things differently.

I now only create garments that are sustainable and eco friendly. Each piece is made here in Canada by hand. I use botanicals such as plants and flowers to add prints to textiles. Botanicals are also the source of the colour! Each piece is therefore made from nature. In every step of the way my process is sustainable and eco-friendly.” Margaret Marcy, Owner and Artist 

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