Fren.s + Fo.s

Emily Graetz
Canadian Artist
Born and raised in Canada, I went to University of Guelph for Studio Art and Geography. My focuses range from conceptual and interactive pieces to photorealism paintings based on photography. I find myself experimenting with different content through digital art and making fun, playful illustrations which are produced as stickers and totes.
I explore multi-medias through small studies and client commissions. I love to focus and experiment with the concept of emotions and how to communicate them. This can be seen in my exhibition works, fren.s+fo.s. I often incorporate my writing and photography into my artwork, which goes hand in hand with my Feelings works. The Feelings totes, stickers and sweaters are based on my digital zine series which plays with the idea of our hidden emotions, invasive thoughts and feeble feelings. Dealing with life, people and things that bring out our piddly and petty selves. It is a fun way to approach interactive and conceptual art. I want art to not be seen as something that is too deep or too intimidating to understand, but rather something that everyone can see themselves in, a form of accessible expression.
I spend my spare time working on mini studies and mini thoughts, constantly indulging in my infamously long list of ideas.
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