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Born in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Xaveria is the seventh child of Dorus Arts, renowned Dutch artist of the "The Hague School".  Dorus was a member of the Art Association of St. Lucas, and frequenter of "The Five Flies", a famed artists' café in Amsterdam.

Dorus was Xaveria's greatest inspiration as she grew up in an atmosphere of creativity with a discerning awareness of colour and composition.

 At age 5,  she was taught the art of knitting by her mother who was instructor in needle arts in the Dutch Educational System.

She received further education in needlecrafts from the "White Sisters'' of Casa Nova in Nijmegen.

 Xaveria is an accomplished handspinner and colourist. 

Her designs are unique and are always handknit.

Her knitting techniques are mainly intarsia and textures.

She works mostly with natural fibre from sheep, alpaca, qiviut down,

as well as pet furs. 

Xaveria hand processes, hand dyes and handspins all natural fibres chemical free and also works with acrylic/wool blends and man-made fibres.

She has frequently exhibited at the Museum of Dufferin, also at Black Creek Pioneer Village, Dundurn Castle and Appleby College in Oakville, a.o.

Xaveria is a member of the Riverbend Artists of Grand Valley and presently

lives in Amaranth, Ontario.


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