DejaVu Textile Design

Born from a love of all things that promote individual style, and sustained by a desire to create environmentally friendly clothing, DejaVu Design creates funky and original garments for all ages, shapes, sizes and personalities.

 DejaVu Design is a sewing studio located near the village of Hillsburgh Ontario, in the rolling rural hills of Wellington County.

The business has been owned and  operated by Laura Levitt since 2009.

Laura wanted to create and develop a business that focused on upcycling and sustainable fashion.  Conscious consumption.  Buy less:  buy better.

Laura Levitt has been blessed with many different careers .  Looking back, they are all connected to some form of creative design. 

Music, botany & floral design, graphic design & photography, home décor design, and fashion  have all fed into the creation of DejaVu Design.

Love of colour.   Pattern Mixing .   . Curiousity . Learning . Creating . 

Unique &  Comfortable Design.  Designing for All Ages. 

Each season DejaVu creates and blends fabric and garments .

Laura has evolved and expanded the design process to include new textiles as well. The business is presently 50/50 recycled textile and new. 

All garment & pattern design is done in the studio by Laura.   If the project is using upcycled garments and textile, designs are created around how best to deconstruct and reconstruct with the least amount of waste.   

DejaVu does not buy bulk textile.  Generally speaking , it is not the most effective way to recycle. .  Each garment is selected and purchased; cleaned & pressed; repaired if necessary,  and upcycled in new, unique combinations .

 All new fabric curation is done by Laura.

Cutting and sewing is done by Laura in the Hillsburgh studio.  As well, two local rural women assist in cutting and sewing in their homes.  Working two people on a cutting table ( 16’ long ) is necessary for accuracy and time; therefore Laura always works with an assistant.

 When upcycling and combining textiles, the “lense” of two people’s opinion of the combinations / quality control  must be met.  Combining textiles and fabrics is intense, and to maintain a high level of excellence requires constant attention and focus.

Not only is colour combination important, but texture and weight of combined materials is key to the garment being appealing and comfortable.

All waistbands on upcycled skirts are made from new material.  The fit of skirts can be controlled with a consistent waist band size/ material.

New materials are used for dresses, pants, vests ; depending on the season and year.

 Linen & cotton are favourite textiles.  Laura is currently creating a line garments from flax/ hemp material.

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