JMW- 195 Hosta Leaf Plate

JMW- 195 Hosta Leaf Plate

Jackie Warmelink

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Stoneware Hosta Leaf Plate

HEINEKEN (and Kronenbourg)

This unique glaze technique on this piece of stoneware pottery is created by using beer bottle glass: Heineken (green glass) and Kronenbourg ( blue glass).

The pieces of glass from these beer bottles are used to create a peacock effect on your green matte glaze.

The glass melts during the glaze firing and runs into any imprint on the clay.

On removal from the kiln the glass cools faster than the clay body, "crazing" develops between the glass and glaze, giving a unique effect.

The glass remains smooth on the surface meaning all the pieces are completely food, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

And yes, I can write off the beer as a studio expense (to my husbands delight)!