The Olivar Corp

About the Olivar Corp

The Olivar Corp started in 2008 with the goal to source clean, authentic, premium and exciting extra virgin olive oils and reserve vinegars having extraordinary flavours whose producers align with our philosophy of protecting the environment and living without the use of toxic chemicals. We pride ourselves on being an ethical, green company that can use the business to benefit the public good and give back to the community.

Our founder and president, Dolores Smith, refuses to offer anything but premium quality products that are ethically sourced and produced, with diverse flavour experiences to offer moments of joy and happiness to different palates. She uses a multi-step process for choosing products involving level of purity, flavour, production safety protocols, international recognition at world-renowned competitions and community involvement. You can read more about her life-long focus on serving the public good and professional background in the “More About Dolores” below.

For producers at the ‘best-in-world-level’ of premium extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) she chooses those taking maximum care in performing all 7 steps required for an authentic, top-quality olive oil: best practices for cultivating the highest-quality fruit, choosing the best harvest time and method, transporting quickly and safely to leading-edge ‘modern’ extraction mills, best cellaring to protect from heat and oxidation, and very hygienic bottling lines. All to protect their very fresh aromas, flavours and beautiful textures…and our health!

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