One-of-a-kind lights featuring the landscape paintings of Lonny Doherty.

"Now here’s a bright idea: Toronto artist Lonny Doherty has taken his paintings of nature and turned them into eye-catching lampshades that illuminate interiors with glimpses of the great outdoors.

“I think it was a subliminal desire on my part to have nature with me wherever I go,” Mr. Doherty, a soft-spoken painter who grew up on the shores of Lake Huron, says.

“Surrounding myself with my nature paintings was one way of staying connected.”

As the chief designer of Lumiscapes, the nature-inspired lighting fixtures company he launched out of his Toronto home studio earlier this year, Mr. Doherty has created a home accessory that is its own work of art."

- Excerpt from a Toronto Star article about Lumiscapes lighting.

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